Tuesday 3rd September 2019

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Event: Workforce Planning for Growth

Workforce planning helps you shape the workforce that you have now and understand what needs to be done to obtain the workforce you need in the future - in order that you can obtain your business goals.
Keeping pace with workforce trends in a digitally disruptive world with the tough challenges of shifting customer demands, skills shortages, the challenges of diversity and inclusivity; and the uncertainy of Brexit is non-negotiable if you want your businesses to thrive.
Everybody will benefit from gaining an understanding of the models and approaches introduced in this foundation workshop.
Broken into bite size chunks the workshop will cover:
Workforce trends overview
Workforce planning linked to business priorities
Proactive planning for the short, medium and long term
Creating organisational flexiblity
The role of recruitment, engagement and retention
Creating an action plan
The workshop will be delivered by Fathom Learning, established in 1982 with more than thirty years experience in organisational development. Over the last three years Fathom have worked with one hundred and forty-seven client organisations, more than four hundred and fifty senior managers, and over eleven hundred managers, to help them improve their organisations.
Please note that SME attendees need to be registered as eligible for our ERDF Funded Business Growth Scheme Workshops so please check Your Event Eligibility process below.
Should you have any questions then please contact the #GrowMySME Programme team on 01482 485274.
To book your place - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/workforce-planning-for-growth-tickets-61941461579