Thursday 20th February 2020

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Event: Book Keeping Workshop - 20/2/2020

For business owners both old and new who need to find out how to keep their books in order.  For further details or to book a place on this FREE workshop, please call the office on 01482 890146.

Event: Get Your Business Public Relaion & Events Plan Ready - Grimsby

Learn how to pull together a professional, strategic PR & Events campaign from scratch.
About this Event
Client Marketing Ltd will guide you through your PR & Events journey journey in this entertaining and interactive workshop!
Step-by-step, from taking a brief to finalising plans, getting sign-off and tips on how to implement, this workshop will include:
Public Relations -discover your own unique story – the thing that will make journalists, bloggers, radio show hosts etc want to talk and write about you. Learn what makes story newsworthy, how to write the perfect press release and how to pitch it.
Event Promotion - glean how to set-up and promote an event using the latest tools such as Eventbrite, integrating with e-mail marketing and social media and other best ways “to get bums on seats”!
Blogging & Content Marketing - A great way to market your Event is to write an engaging article and link some of the content to your upcoming offering. We will show you how and how to get your blog read
We guarantee that this workshop….
• Have you head spinning with innovative ideas to put into practice!
• Will be a fun and interactive day
• With loads of free ideas to use in your marketing!
SME attendees do need to be registered as eligible for our ERDF Funded Business Growth Scheme Workshops so please check Your Event Eligibility process below.
Should you have any questions then please contact the #GrowMySME Programme team on 01482 485274.Your Event Eligibility:
Business Growth Scheme workshops are FREE to attend for SMEs who are both eligible & registered with the #GrowMySME Programme.
Date and Time: Thu, 20 February 2020, 09:15 – 16:15 GMT
Location: Europarc Innovation Centre, Innovation Way, Grimsby, DN37 9TT 
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Event: The Top 10 Skills Of A 2020 Business Owner

Carry out an ‘MOT’ on Your Own Skills as a 2020 Business Owner to Guarantee Business Success!

About this Event
Small business owners often don’t have the opportunity to ‘stop’ and review their own performance across the ever expanding range of skills and responsibilities they are simply expected to be on top of. Start-off 2020 in the most effective way by joining us to ‘stop!’ your own workload and capabilities and take a moment to conduct an “MOT” on your skill base to help drive your business forward with confidence, sharing best practise with other successful business owners.
Included within the session:
• Gain insights into the regional and national trends shaping business in 2020
• Understand the likely impact of these on your business/organisation
• Hear case studies and examples of the Top 10 skills you will need this year as a business owner
This workshop is fully-funded and so your business does need to be registered and confirmed as eligible for our ERDF-funded Business Growth Scheme. 
Should you have any questions then please contact the #GrowMySME Programme team on 01482 485274.
Date and Time: Thu, 20 February 2020, 09:30 – 16:30 GMT
Location: Craven Park Training and Enterprise Centre, Preston Road, Hull, HU9 5HE
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