Tuesday 26th May 2020

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Event: NatWest Business Builder Workshop - An Intro to Business Modelling

NatWest Business Builder Workshop - An Intro to Business Modelling

Before the days of Google Maps and Sat-Nav systems, we had the fold-out Michellin. If you were lost on the road, you pulled over, opened the map, found where you started and found where your desired destination. By having your entire journey in one view, it allows you to understand where you are, where you need to go and where you may have taken a wrong turn. This view is crucial when developing a new business. For this 60-minute Zoom session, join the NatWest Business Builder team as we explore the Business Model Canvas, a one-page ‘road map’ of your business. Examining the 9 key areas of a business model to examine the best practises for your business, you’ll come away with a sense of where small, medium and large changes could be made to your business model to improve the way you operate for maximum profitability and rapid growth.


Date And Time: Tue, 26 May 2020, 10:00 – 11:00 BST


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Event: Effective Marketing During the Crisis - Week 3

Effective Marketing During the Crisis - Week 3
by Humber Business Growth Hub

Week 3 of our ‘Marketing Fightback’ series’ focuses upon on how to reinvent your business to thrive post-lockdown
About this Event
Hosted by Simon Shepherd of Client Marketing this webinar focuses upon a practical 5-step to process for business owners to reinvent their product offerings to survive and thrive in the post-lockdown economy.

Join Simon on this webinar, and throughout our 6-week Marketing Fightback series, taking the neccessary time to understand how to pivot your business and get your product offering right.

5-Step Process

1. Deconstruction: Using the business canvas model to understand each constituent part of your business

2. Imagination: Looking at alternatives for each of the constituent parts identified within your business canvas model

3. Testing: Avoid spend & hope and test your revised business model

4. Prototyping: Create simplified or varied versions of your product or service offering

5. Strategic Marketing Plan: Develop your strategic marketing plan for your reinvented business

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**The webinar will be delivered via ‘Zoom’ video conferencing software**

Date And Time: Tue, 26 May 2020, 14:00 – 15:00 BST

Location: Online Event

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