Wednesday 19th August 2020

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Event: The Future Of Ecommerce: Global

[Virtual Event] The Future of Ecommerce: Global

Coming right off the back of a great event…
We are at it again with a great event for brands thinking about “The big picture.”
The Future of Ecommerce Global will take us all around the tools and strategies brands need to expand their brand.
From strengthening the loyalty with your existing customers, to learning how to launch new countries and markets, we’re covering everything you need to know to continue to grow.



Two day event. Free to attend. Starting August 19th, 9AM PST.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep crushing,
Derric Haynie

Event: Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace
Date: Wed 19 August 2020
Time: 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Where: Online Webinar
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1 in 3 people are suffering with mental health conditions which means a third of your workforce may be struggling mentally, emotionally and physically. In practical terms this means they may not be as focused on their job, unable to make decisions and struggling to build strong working relationships, essential for functional teams. In addition, what about those employees who are struggling silently, the boss who appears to be a little obsessive or the PA who comes to tears easily – what is the impact of their behaviour on the organisation’s goals?
This webinar is delivered by Rachael Alexander, a mental health psychologist who has spent over 20 years demystifying the complex world of mental health. Her webinars and lectures are delivered in a simple, engaging, down to earth style sharing practical ways to support those who are understand the financial and emotional benefits of supporting their employees.
By the end of the 2-hour webinar you will understand:
• Your role and responsibilities regarding employee mental health
• How to recognise poor mental health in yourself and others
• How to have effective conversations with your employees about their mental health
• How to help your employee understand and take responsibility for their own mental health.
• How to take ownership and provide optimum working conditions promoting positive mental health
What past attendees have said:
“Clear and concise presentation”
“Great trainer – a lot of questions answered”
“Very thought provoking and informative”
“Some great tips and tools to take away which I can implement on return to the office”
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**The webinar will be delivered via the ‘GoToWebinar’ video conferencing software**