Wednesday 28th October 2020

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Event: Lunch and Learn: How to host a virtual event

Lunch and Learn: How to host a virtual event by Enterprise Nation

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Enterprise Nation is hosting a daily Lunch and Learn webinar to give you a boost and offer advice from experts.
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Lunch and Learn with Enterprise Nation
Enterprise Nation is hosting daily Lunch and Learn webinars to give you a boost, offer some advice, and become part of your daily business schedule. Enterprise Nation team members are interviewing guests from the worlds of enterprise and policy, and you can get your questions answered by the experts.
Wednesday 28 October: How to host a virtual event

In this webinar, events expert Jade Coles will run you through some key considerations for planning an online event. If you used to run physical events and need to pivot to digital, or if you’re already running virtual events and want to ensure they are impactful and have high engagement, this is the webinar for you!

The session will include:

Structuring your virtual event
Creating moments of engagement
Bringing a sense of community to your online event
Technical hints and tips
Feedback and monitoring success
Jade Coles is a creative strategist whose niche is designing cultural event programmes that resonate with London’s creative, forward-thinking audiences. Jade has over eight years’ experience in cultural production and event programming having worked with industry leaders in the hospitality space such as Soho House, festivals like Lost Village and a host of startups in the creative industries space including Creative Entrepreneurs and The Collective.

This event was originally planned for Wednesday 14 October and has been postponed to Wednesday 28 October.

Please send any questions you’d like Jade to answer during the webinar to

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Date And Time: Wed, 28 October 2020, 12:00 – 12:30 GMT

Location: Online Event

Event: How To Manage Homeworking Staff Effectively And Professionally

How To Manage Homeworking Staff Effectively And Professionally
Date: Wed 28 October 2020
Time: 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Where: Online Webinar
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With many people now forced to work from home, and many businesses reporting increases in productivity we take a look at some good practice for managers

At Blue Orchid we have been successfully running remote teams for a number of years. Many staff work remotely both from home and in the field. Peter Daniel area manager for Blue Orchid will take a look through some of the tools and practices that allow Blue Orchid to get the most out of there staff. We will look at ways of monitoring performance as well as technology used to support home working

During the session we will look at:
• How to monitor performance when working from home

• What should I expect from staff working from home

• How to deal with reduced productivity

• How to keep in contact with staff when remote working

From this session you will gain:
• A better understanding of home working and how to manage staff who work from home.

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Event: Chicken Soup for the Soul: An interview with Mark Victor & Crystal Dwyer Hansen

Chicken Soup for the Soul: An interview with Mark Victor & Crystal Dwyer Hansen By Festival of Enterprise

Date & time: 28th OCT, 10:00am


Mark Victor Hansen is probably best known as the co-author for the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and brand, setting world records in book sales, with over 500 million books sold. He is also a prolific writer with 307 books authored or co-authored, including The Aladdin Factor, The Power of Focus, The Richest Kids in America, The Miracles in You, You Have a Book in You, and the One Minute Millionaire series. Mark also worked his way into a worldwide spotlight as a sought-after keynote speaker and entrepreneurial marketing maven. He is a charismatic speaker having spoken to 7,000 audiences in 78 countries.

Crystal Dwyer Hansen is a business strategist and successful entrepreneur, speaker, and author in the US and China. Crystal, also known as the “celebrity coach,” is a certified life coach and wellness/nutrition expert, whose personal coaching, speaking, CD and video programs, books, and articles have helped people all over the world. Crystal is a Member of the International Coaching Federation and the founder of Crystal Vision Life, Ltd,( and Skinny Life®, a wellness company ( Crystal is also the author of Skinny Life: The Real Secret to Being Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit.

Mark and Crystal are heavily engaged and invested in clean, renewable energy through ownership in two companies, Metamorphosis Energy and Natural Power Concepts, based in Hawaii.

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