Guy Robertson 'growing well' Guy Robertson 'growing well'

Guy Robertson 'growing well'

Guy Robertson is a horse and rider trainer based in Rawcliffe, whose business is going from strength to strength. Specialising in training, starting / breaking youngsters and retraining of problem horses of all types, Guy uses modern Natural Horsemanship methods, influenced by some of the World’s best Horse Trainers. Based on these methods Guy has developed a training program which uses a low stress patient approach, working from the ground up, to provide the very best learning environment possible for horses and their riders.


Offering bothprivate and group training, from basic lessons, to the more advanced ‘working with cows’ workshops, Guy has now published his new training schedule for 2017.  All details can be found on or call 07876 033028 for details.    


We are lucky enough to have one of the best trainers in the country - right on our doorstep, so anyone who is into any form of equestrian activity, check out what Guy can offer you.