Latest News from the Visit East Yorkshire Team - 26/10/20

Latest News from the Visit East Yorkshire Team - 26/10/20

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Bridlington Bay Lobster Webinar
There is a Business Opportunity Webinar organised for businesses to see what has been happening with the Bridlington Bay Lobster Study and the future business opportunities which will open up to many people in various industries. Please feel free to forward the link below to anyone you feel would be interested or could benefit from attending this webinar.

Date: 28th October 4.00pm - 6.00pm

Link for registration:-

Covid-19 guidance for holidaymakers staying in East Yorkshire accommodation.
Please feel free to print the attached pdf which offers guidance to holidaymakers regarding Covid-19.


Other Industry News:
Useful links regarding Coronavirus information:

Covid Alert Areas in England
Three Tier Local Lockdown Alert Levels. The three tiers are Medium (1), High (2) and Very High (3), with stricter measures in the higher tiers where cases of covid-19 are high and rising quickly. East Yorkshire is currently in Tier 1 medium.
Guidance Tier 2:
Guidance for Tier 3:

The UK Government advice is that individuals living in the Tier 3 areas should not be travelling out of area (unless for work, care, funerals or access to education), and are advised to not be staying overnight in other areas except for these reasons.
The UK Government guidance for Tier 2 residents they limit their travel as much as possible to areas within the area.
The UK Government advice for Tier 1 is no travel restrictions at this time.

Guidance on accommodation bookings
The accommodation refund advice is that entitlement to a refund or travel insurance payout will depend on the terms and conditions agreed to at the time of booking, or when the policy was taken. Companies and customers are encouraged to be reasonable in the treatment of those bookings affected by Coronavirus restrictions. If some of the party are in tier 3 and cannot attend it will be whatever the terms & conditions of the booking stipulates.

Local Lockdown Alert Levels
The guidance for South Yorkshire moving to Very High Alert status has been published

For more information on the local alert levels and the measures in each tier:

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has announced further financial support for businesses and workers affected by Covid-19 through the existing Job Support and self-employed schemes, and expanding business grants to support companies in high alert level areas.

Support for People Impacted by Coronavirus
The Government has launched an online tool to provide guidance to people on what support is available to them if they have been affected by Coronavirus. The online tool guides people to the support that they can receive in relation to:
• feeling unsafe where they live, or if they’re worried about someone else
• paying your bills, rent, or mortgage
• getting food
• being made redundant or unemployed, or not having any work
• feeling worried about going in to work
• having somewhere to live
• mental health and wellbeing, including information for children


Travel Safer Guidance
The Government has published a Janet & John-like “easy to read” guidance document for the public on the rules and guidance associated with travel which includes everything from using one’s own car through to undertaking international travel. The design quality is not high, but it is at least comprehensive and easy to understand.


HSE Inspections
• The Health and Safety Executive is carrying out spot checks and inspections on all types of businesses in all areas to ensure they are COVID-secure, checking that the measures that businesses have put in place are in line with government guidance.
Their website includes further details on this and includes a short video explaining:
• how spot checks and inspections work
• what their inspectors will need to check
• how they can help businesses keep their workplace COVID-secure actions they will take if employers are not managing the risk of COVID spreading