Liquid Jade opens for business Liquid Jade opens for business

Liquid Jade opens for business

Clare Buffey has opened a fab tea & coffe gafe in central Hull…...


Clare told us “I used to live and work in Liverpool and there were a few leaf tea places there. That’s what sparked my interest in it.

“I really enjoyed the taste, but I also saw the health benefits, and once I began drinking it regularly my skin and health dramatically improved.

“At that point, I was hooked.”

 Though leaf tea features prominently on the menu at Liquid Jade, coffee lovers will not be disappointed as the bar also serves up its own house blend of beans.

Miss Buffey said: “We are predominantly about leaf tea, but we do sell our own blend of coffee. Ultimately, I wanted to offer something of value. Leaf tea is a bit of a ceremony.

 “When you think of afternoon tea, you think of it being served with a smile and the drink is really savoured. That is the experience I want to create here.”

Though Miss Buffey’s passion for leaf tea was ignited while she was in Liverpool, it took a few years for her to crystallise her business plan.

Spending time in the capital helped clear her mind.

 She said: “I was a family care worker in Liverpool for two years, then I moved to London.

“London was really vibrant, there was so much to do, and I remember walking around and seeing similarities with Hull.

“Sometimes, Hull gets a lot of negative press, but parts of the city have a fantastic bohemian feel and the buildings in the Old Town are fantastic.

“I knew then I wanted to bring something different to the city.”

Sirius in Hedon provided Miss Buffey with business advice and support, but it wasn’t until her mum, Julie, brought the building in Zebedee’s Yard to her attention that she decided to take the plunge.